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TESEC Training and Research Facility

For carrying out of international and national seminars and schools TESEC has own train and research facility in Lutezh. This facility is situated in 30 km from Kiev in the pine forest near the Kiev reservoir and not far from Chornobyl Exclusion Zone (EZ). It provides opportunity to carry out practical exercises in EZ in time of the training courses. Facility laboratories are equipped by modern techniques for radiation monitoring (a-, b-, g- spectrometers with shield, In-Situ b-, g- spectrometers, a-, b-, g- radiometers, dosymetry and sampling techniques, sample preparation equipment). Training classes are situated in the main building of the facility and equipped by techniques both for lectures and presentations.

The facility provides all necessary conditions for participant's accommodation and study. There are several houses, each of them has 3 double rooms, that gives possibility to accommodate about 30 participants during the training course.

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Participants of the International Summer School nearby main building


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 Room furniture of the training facility


The Annual Summer School “POST-ACCIDENT RADIATION MONITORING TECHNIQUES” is organized by European Centre of Technological Safety in co-operation with the EUR-OPA Major Hazards Agreement, Council of Europe

The Summer School is organized to provide training and experience in:
techniques of post-accidental radiation monitoring;
accidental dose assessment;
decision making in the case of nuclear or radiological accidents.
The curriculum is designed for emergency workers, decision-makers, graduate students, university faculty, and scientist interested in emergency preparedness and response, radiation protection and risk assessment.
The curriculum includes:
classroom instruction;
field training;
exercises in high contaminated areas of the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone.
The Chornobyl accident has provided a unique opportunity for research and training on emergency response and post-accidental radiation monitoring. It is one of only a few places in the world where effective training and experience in internal and external dose assessment, sample collection and preparation, contamination mapping and decision making can be provided in real highly contaminated area. It is important to expand such experience for development of post-accident radiation monitoring techniques and decision making in a case of nuclear or radiation accident.
The TESEC has the laboratory facilities and faculty needed to provide advanced international seminars and group training. There are laboratories and equipment for sampling and sample preparation, portable dose and dose rate meters, beta and gamma spectroscopy and beta particle detection, In-Situ measurement technique, etc.
The curriculum of the course consists of classroom instruction, practical field exercises and data analysis at the TESEC training facility, and exercises in contaminated areas of the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone.
The main purpose is to give opportunity for the participants, who are interested in providing of measurements, to apply their knowledges in “real” conditions and to be trained as emergency monitoring team. The purpose of the course is also to give opportunity for the participants to realize what action should be done during different phases of the accident, to participate in real measurement with the aim of emergency monitoring and to apply their knowledges in decision making using real results of measurements.
A distinguishing feature of the Summer School is the practical aspects. The international group of participants is divided into teams to perform gamma and beta surveys, In-Situ gamma spectrometry, vegetation and soil sampling in contaminated field and forest locations, data acquisition and assessment.
Lectures and accommodations take place at the TESEC training facilities (35 km from Kyiv). Opportunities for visits and tours to Kyiv are provided through TESEC.
The schedules for lectures and laboratory exercises are developed by an international panel of experts. It is based on current international standards and methodologies. The training materials of IAEA train-the-trainers course “Regional Train-the-Trainers Course on Monitoring Strategies, Procedures, Reporting and Transmission of Data” will be used during the Summer School.
TESEC provides faculty, laboratory facilities, and will arrange access to the field sites.
Participants should make their own travel arrangements to Boryspil` Airport (KBP) of Kyiv; TESEC can provide guidance.
To near of Sarcophagus and Chornobyl NPP, Prypyat’ city