Scientific Council of Web Site (Editorial Board):

Jean-Pierre Massue (EUR-OPA, Council of Europe) - Chairman,

Rudolf Alexahin (Institute of Agriculture Radioecology, Russia),

Vladimir Bebeshko (Academy of Medical Sciences, Ukraine),

Harald Biesold (GRS, Germany),

Iossif Bogdevitch (National Academy of Agrarian Sciences, Belarus),

Gerard Deville-Cavelin (IRSN, France),

Christian Kirchsteger (JRC, European Commission),

Wolfgang Kromp (Institute of Risk Research, Austria),

Victor Poyarkov (TESEC, EUR-OPA) -Vice-Chairman,

Boris Prister (Agrarian Academy of Sciences, Ukraine),

Michail Savkin (Institute of Biophysic, Russia),

Vyacheslav Shestopalov (National Academy of Sciences, Ukraine),

Anatoliy Tsyb (Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Russia),